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What is the Naturally Beautiful and Optimal Wellness Summit?

This online summit is designed to help everyone who aspires to achieve optimal wellness in their lives and desires to experience that at a deeper level than ever before. Whether your ambition is healing your emotions, becoming more empowered, getting better sleep, learning how to absorb the food you eat, reducing toxins, or how to change your frequency; and much more - join 21 experts as they share their personal stories, insights, and strategies on how to achieve your personal optimal wellness starting now.

Kimberly McGeorge
Naturopathic Doctor
Secret to Everything
Larry Caldwell
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
Revealing Healing
Michelle Vandepas
Planet Consciousness Changer
Vandepas Purpose and Profit

Kelsey Lawford
Trauma Therapist for Women
She Will Rise
Celeste Rains-Turk
Online Fitness & Self Love Mentor
Celestial Fit
Dr. Derek Anderson
Doctor of Chiropractic
Health Source Chiropractic (Mtka)
Sunniva Holt
Serial Entrepreneur
The Daily Raw
Ari Whitten
Energy Expert
Creator of The Energy Blueprint
Pat Romain
Empowerment Coach
Pat Romain Leadership
Debbie Mirza
Author, Life Coach & Singer
The Safest Place Possible
Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte
Business Strategist
Leapzone Strategies
Lynnis Woods-Mullins
Holistic Wellness Expert
Praise Works Health &  Wellness
Tracy Rickard
Self-Care Strategist
Tracy's Total Wellness
Dr. Shirley Piccarreto
Doctor of Naturopathy
Healthy Lean & Sexy At Any Age
Aaron Mottley
Breath Master
H.E.A.R.T Touch Therapist
Rika Keck
Lyme Disease Specialist
KIMA Wellness Center
Karen Dubs
Yoga Teacher & Health Coach
Flexible Warrior Yoga
Scott Aaron
Online Heath Coach
Good Guys Always Win
Mary Fran Bontempo
Author, Speaker & Humorist
The Woman's Book of Dirty Words
Rosalyn Fung
Self Image Coach
Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc.
Surprise Guest #4
Join 21 experts from Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Empowerment Leader, Chiropractor, and other amazing Entrepreneurs as they share their personal stories, insights, and strategies on how to achieve natural beauty and optimal wellness in your own life.

Integrity, accountability & the passion for going above and beyond are the traits that I value the most and Isabelle Mercier Turcotte has them in abundance.    -Kevin Lawrence | CEO of The Synergy Group

Michelle Vandepas has a way of teaching that feels very approachable and open. Michelle comes from a safe & non-judgmental place.
-Judy Helm Wright

Before you can change your life, you have to change your mind! Celeste Rains Turk has hit the nail on the head in this amazing life changing experience! A MUST for anyone wanting to be a BADASS at life!
-Amazon review

Kelsey Lawford made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.    -Ariana Dancu

THANK YOU Sunniva Holt for incredibly real and raw advice! We live in a world that literally forces us to hustle but we often forget how to do it with intention! I myself have struggled in so many different areas of my life and after listening to Sunniva I was able to make some instant shifts and implement some easy yet so effective practises into my day. 
-Ursula Montes de Oca

I was nervous as I was looking way too far into the future and was feeling overwhelmed. After listening to Pat Romain I felt empowered to move forward. Pat held the space that I needed for me to be really raw with my ideas and what they were, to look at what wasn’t working and where I wanted to go with my future.    - Courtney Moran

Your energy WILL TRANSFORM JUST from being on this call. Dr. Kimberly McGeorge has the ability to change your vibration instantly and raise it, I experienced her work first hand and it's life ALTERING! You're in for a treat......EXPECT TO FEEL THE POWER."   -Gabbi Taube

"There are no words to describe how impactful Ari Whitten's information and teaching really is. ... I have started recommending you to others and telling anyone who will listen that it is a MUST for anyone wanting to improve their health naturally and have energy beyond what they could hope for.     -Ann P

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